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Debug & performance settings within AXS2LMS

In your System settings (Administration dashboard > System settings> Debugging) you can set various performance options as well as debug options to perform debugging within AXS2LMS.

Let us review all Debugging (1) options one by one.

Zip handling method (2): You can use the System method to have the operating system’s default compression utility (gzip) take over compressions/uncompressions (not available on Windows platforms).

This step is much faster, however, it isn’t guaranteed to work on every system. In this case, you can use ‘PHP’ to have the native library perform the same functions.


Backup before the upgrade (3): Select whether the system would automatically get a backup every time before an upgrade or not.

Keep in mind that selecting this option might slightly increase the upgrade time.

Enable error log (4): Select this option to enable the error log within the system. Once you have enabled this option you can access your error log from your Administration dashboard, Maintenance > Error log (5)


Check for updates (6): Select this option if you would like to have your system check for updates automatically.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode (7): In case you access AXS2LMS from an older IE browser (older than version 8) you would get a message that you are browsing the system through an old browser.

Select this option if you want to disable this warning. This option might come handy especially in corporate environments that have set IE browsers to run on compatibility mode etc.


Debug mode (8): This option allows you to enable debug information to be available for certain users once they log in to their account.

Start typing to get a list of users and select the users for whom you want to enable this option. Next time a user in that list logs in will get the corresponding debug options at the bottom of the screen (9)


CSV Import Limit (10): Configure the maximun allowed number of lines for the .csv used to import data in your AXS2LMS system.


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