Upgrading AXS2LMS is easy and does not require any special action, nor incurs any downtime

  1. Download the latest available eFront package. You can find this inside your members account page. If you don’t have an account there, contact us.
  2. The zip file contains the entire eFront installation. You must extract on top of your current installation, making sure that existing files are replaced.
  3. Make sure that required write permissions have not changed: The web server should have write access to the folders specified under the admin→maintenance section. You can also see the list in Installation details and considerations.
  4. Visit your AXS2LMS installation and sign in as administrator. Any required database upgrade will happen automatically and you may continue using the system. Users normally will not experience any disruption. Depending on the version installed and the version upgrading from, there is a small chance that a few errors appear for the few seconds that the upgrade lasts.

Note: Keep in mind to be logged in as your system administrator in AXS2LMS while the manual upgrade process takes place for all the upgrade scripts to run without issues.