Go to the Maintenance section through the admin panel and then to the Backup & Restore option (1). 


Click the button “Create Backup” (2) in order to take a backup of your current system. The backup will show up in the list. If you already have a backup file and you want to upload it to your portal you can click on the relevant button (3) and it will be added to the list.

In this way, you can import the entire data from another eFront installation. Under the operations column (4) you will find the available options that you have for your backup files:

  • Download: allows you to download the backup to save it to your computer or to import it to another AXS2LMS installation
  • Restore: allows you to restore your data and take your system back to a previous status or to restore your data from another installation
  • Delete: allows to delete a backup if you no longer need it.

Note: In case the backup can’t be completed as expected and as explained in this article, please check the values set in your PHP.ini for “max_execution_time”, “memory_limit”, “post_max_size”, “max_input_time”, and in your SQL configuration file for the “max_allowed_packet”, and increase their values until you can successfully create a backup.