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Compliance training

What is compliance training?

Compliance training refers to training employees on laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their direct day-to-day responsibilities. Compliance courses also include security training, employee safety training and ethics training.

Why is it important

Not only is compliance training a legal requirement that prevents lawsuits, fines and audits but it’s also an operational necessity for a well-functioning company.

Reduces risks

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Effective employee compliance training educates and prevents lawsuits, fines and audits.

Increases workforce efficiency

Compliance training sets an appropriate framework for employees to act within -streamlining processes and making it easier to make decisions.

Stay up-to-date

Workplace compliance courses help organizations in fast-changing industries meet compliance standards, e.g. healthcare compliance certifications and financial compliance certifications.

Reduce operational costs

Avoid unnecessary costs by adopting employee safety training, security training and ethics training. Compliance program can mean fewer sick days, fewer risks and fewer disturbances.

Why take your compliance training online

Take your training online for a value-based, cost-effective approach to compliance training. Online compliance training is easier to maintain, deploy and keep up-to-date. And it increases employee participation and motivation.

Why choose AXS2LMS

Motivate Your Employees

To employees, compliance training can feel like just another task to tick off a to-do list. With AXS2LMS's easy-to-use features you'll encourage employee engagement and increase completion rates.

Avoid Work Disruptions

With AXS2LMS's mobile firsts environment, employees can complete compliance courses at their own pace. And from wherever they want

Deliver Engaging Compliance Training

With 100s of integrations and native apps, you can use AXS2LMS to create interactive content like simulations and case study scenarios to deliver meaningful and relevant compliance training.

Automate Your Compliance Courses

With an intuitive course manager, AXS2LMS can issue certifications with different expiration policies. This feature helps if your employees need periodic re-training. Set certificates to auto-expire after a set date and you'll know when it's time to train again.

Manage All Compliance Training From One Place

With AXS2LMS you can deploy separate but centrally managed compliance courses to different employees who have different compliance objectives. i.e. employees, managers, senior leaders.

Track Real-Time Progress

Keep track of employee compliance training with ease. AXS2LMS's enterprise-grade reporting feature lets you check user interaction in real-time as well as access a digital record of system activity via audit logs.