Foster a culture of growth

With AXS2LMS for continuous training

What is continuous training?

Continuous training is the ongoing (or lifelong) education of employees for career development. Organizations that offer professional growth plans enjoy higher rates of employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Why is it important

Organizations that foster a lifelong learning culture and invest in continuous training programs enjoy a wealth of benefits:

Increase employee satisfaction

When employees feel they have the right skills to do their job well and meet their professional goals, job satisfaction goes up.

Reduce employee turnover

High employee turnover costs an organization in time, productivity and recruitment. By investing in career development training, your employees are more likely to stay with you for the long-term.

Boost productivity

Well-trained employees who have refined their skills and are up-to-date with current processes are more efficient, make fewer mistakes and work better.

Builds a powerful employer brand

Offering lifelong learning and continuing education programs keeps you ahead of the pack. With great training, you’ll stay competitive by attracting and retaining top talent.

Why take your continuous training online?

Amplify the benefits of continuous training by delivering your continuing education programs online. An effective professional growth plan for an organization can be costly. Moving it online reduces costs drastically and makes it easier to deploy and manage.

Why choose AXS2LMS

Empower Your Employees

AXS2LMS is an intuitive LMS allowing your employees to easily navigate through their training at their own convenience. And with active gamification, it rewards learners offering a superior training experience.

Streamline Your Continuous Training

AXS2LMS supports features like re-certifications and skills gap testing. Skills gap testing lets you develop your continuing education programs strategically by offering your employees training they need. While re-certifications keeps their skills up-to-date with best practices.

Customize Your Training Environment

Not only can you design, create, deploy and manage your continuous training courses the way you want, but eFront also allows you to brand your environment so learners feel at home.

Manage Continuous Training Program With Ease

With AXS2LMS you can deploy separate but centrally managed training programs for different department, regional markets, or target audiences. The perfect solution for the size and complexity of continuous education programs.

Expands As Your Business Grows

AXS2LMS is built to keep up with your hard work. A single eFront eLearning portal can accommodate tens of thousands of employees, regardless of their location. And can expand as your business grows.

Make It Yours

AXS2LMS is a dynamic LMS that integrates seamlessly into other organizational infrastructure.