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Employee onboarding

What is onboarding training?

Onboarding, also known as induction training or orientation training, is a process that guides and engages new hires to become productive members of an organization. Usually, an employee onboarding process presents the values and goals of a company and supports new hires in understanding their role and responsibility.

Why it is important

First impressions matter. Not only for an organization’s recruiting reputation but also for its bottom line. Employee onboarding is an essential strategy to boost productivity and business growth.

Attract and retain top talent

Onboarding programs are the foundation of a company’s culture. A good foundation goes a long way in attracting top candidates and retaining them for the long term.

Higher productivity

An effective induction program increases productivity for new hires and any co-workers assigned to them. New employees get to work faster, and senior employees stay productive by minimum workflow interruptions from employee orientation.

Reduce costs

Effective employee onboarding saves costs associated with “learning on the go” as well as recruitment costs. It’s cheaper to retain an existing employee than it is to recruit a new one.

Improves knowledge retention

Onboarding new employees ensures that everyone is on the same page from the beginning. Effective onboarding secures compliance with organizational procedures and goals.

Why take your onboarding online?

Employee onboarding deployed online is faster, simpler and more cost-effective than offline onboarding. New hires have access to relevant material from day one. And can re-access this content whenever they need to.

Why choose AXS2LMS

Keep Employee Onboarding Consistent

AXS2LMS helps make your induction program automatic and repeatable. This ensures all your employees get the same information.

Streamline Your Onboarding

AXS2LMS is an intuitive LMS making it easy to create, edit and deploy induction material. It also enables you to select some courses and have them automatically assigned to all new hires. Giving managers time for face-to-face interactions with new team members.

Ensure Onboarding Is Successful

AXS2LMS features assessments like online tests, surveys, and assignments. So you can check how well your new hires have absorbed their onboarding material.

Customize Your Onboarding Environment

With AXS2LMS, you can create, deploy and manage your employee onboarding just the way you want. You can also brand your environment, so new hires feel at home in your company from day one.

Manage Employee Onboarding For All Segments

With AXS2LMS, you can deploy separate but centrally managed onboarding training programs. Use these for different departments, regional markets, or any target audiences.

Make It Yours

AXS2LMS is more than just an onboarding software; it's a dynamic LMS that integrates seamlessly into other organizational infrastructure.