Employee training

Employee training

What is employee training?

Employee training (also known as employee development training) is all learning opportunities organizations offer employees during the employment lifecycle. It includes onboarding, skills development training, compliance training and lifelong learning.

Why it is important

Increases employee retention

High employee turnover costs an organization in time, productivity and recruitment. By investing in staff training and developing, your employees are more likely to stay with you for the long-term.

Improves productivity

Employees perform better when they feel they have the right skills and support. Adopt employee training programs to improve job satisfaction which boosts output.

Keeps employees up-to-date

If your organization needs to comply with laws and regulations, an employee compliance training plan will keep your people knowledgeable, safe and prevent unnecessary fines or other penalties.

Boosts competitiveness

With low churn rates, satisfied and highly-skilled employees, and high productivity comes real profitability.

Why take your employee training online?

The basis of staff training and development is to get your people working better. Take your training online, and you’ll train your employees easier and get them back to work faster. And at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods.

Why choose AXS2LMS?

Engage Your Employees

Make the most of employee training by using an LMS loved by both learners and administrators. eFront’s intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free training process. And gamification tools like leader-boards encourage healthy competition offering a superior learning environment.

Targeted Skill Training

Guarantee your employees have the skills and knowledge they need with AXS2LMS's skill management tool. This helps you identify any employee skill gaps and then lets you assign the correct training to close the gap.

Track Real-Time Progress

Your managers don’t need to be experts to use AXS2LMS. They can keep track of employee training and certifications at a glance. Or easily create detailed reports with information that is important to them.

One Location For All Training

With AXS2LMS you can deploy separate but centrally managed employee training programs for different departments, regional offices, or other customized audiences of your choice.

Train Employees Wherever They Are

Training just got easier. AXS2LMS works perfect on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Just open a webbrowser and login in. No hassle with downloading app's.

Make It Yours

AXS2LMS is more than an employee training tool. It is a dynamic LMS that integrates seamlessly into other organisational infrastructure.