Capitalize on all your relationships

With AXS2LMS for extended enterprise training

Extended enterprise

What is extended enterprise training?

Extended enterprise training is any training an organization offers to people outside the “four walls” of the enterprise. Such as partners, customers and any other learning audience who is selling or using your product.

Why is it important

No organization is an island. Neither do they function in isolation. Adopting extended enterprise learning and development training ensures you’re building, fostering and capitalizing on relationships that are vital to your company’s success.

Ensures consistent standards

Extended learning programs on product and service across your enterprise guarantees you have more control over the type of experience your customers will receive from external partners

Strengthens brand

Training your extended enterprise means anyone representing your brand is able to reflect the right image. This strengthens your brand fostering customer loyalty

Generates Sales

When your extended enterprise is knowledgeable and up-to-date on your product, sales increase

Increases business agility

Extended enterprise training keeps your network up-to-date allowing you to bring products to market faster

Why take your extended enterprise training online

Offering extended enterprise training online pays off. Whether you want to train partners, customers or any other external learning audience, online training is the easiest, most cost-effective and practical way to do it.

Why choose AXS2LMS

Enable Your Partners

Taking part in training will be voluntary for your extended enterprise. But using a powerful and easy-to-use enterprise learning management system like eFront, encourages learner engagement and increases completion rates.

Customize Your Learning Environment

Not only can you create, deploy and manage your extended enterprise training courses exactly the way you want, but AXS2LMS also allows you to design your environment to match your branding.

Track Real-Time Progress

Keep track of your network’s training and certifications with ease. And create effective reports with information that is important to you.

Manage Training Programs For All Partners

With AXS2LMS you can deploy separate but centrally managed training programs for different members of your extended enterprise i.e. partner, contractors or customers.

Expands As Your Needs Grow

AXS2LMS is built to keep up with your hard work. A single AXS2LMS eLearning portal can accommodate tens of thousands of learners, regardless of their location. And can expand as your extended enterprise grows.

Do It Your Way

AXS2LMS is no ordinary extended enterprise LMS. Not only does it integrate seamlessly into other organizational infrastructure, but with access to the source code, you can truly make it yours.