AXS2LMS 5.60

Releasedate: June 2021


  • Added Course Announcements
  • Introduced Gradebook
  • Added support for Multilingual content
  • Added support for Multilingual course categories


  • Added navigation breadcrumb for Courses in Assignments, files and Lessons
  • A default completion rule is now added when creating a Curriculum
  • Removed the caching prefix option. The database name is now used as a prefix
  • Removed the ability to edit Course’s description via ‘Edit Mode’ in the Course dashboard
  • Updating is now not allowed if the minimum PHP requirements are not met
  • Changed the colour of links in the upgrade alert message


  • Fixed an issue when deleting a Branch that owns a Theme
  • Fixed the Branch validation for user login in the Mobile App
  • Fixed an issue related to Badges awarded and Certificates count
  • Fixed an issue when closing a modal in questions order for Tests
  • Fixed an issue where Certificate labels course_start_date and course_end_date were wrong
  • Fixed an issue with Certificates’ preview for Branch-admins
  • Fixed an issue with Summernote editor loading for billboard plugin
  • Fixed a linguistic issue in the restore pop-up confirmation window
  • Fixed an issue with wrong Branch results in the GET Curriculums API call
  • Fixed an issue where the zero (0) was not shown properly in Extended profile fields
  • Fixed an issue with Course Announcements in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Edit Mode’ was visible to Branch-admins
  • Fixed an issue with filters Created From/Created Until in the Reports section
  • Fixed an issue with performance on the system’s start page