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AXS2LMS 5.75

Releasedate: July 2024 Product Updates PHP 8 support Updated Message when you clone a course to be more specific. Updated i18next library to version 23.11.5 Fixed QR code of 2-factor authentication. Fixed an issue disabling scroll in the New UI … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.74

Releasedate: March 2024 Features New installations will have the new UI enabled by default beginning from 20th Feb 2024 Added AI test generation feature New UI: Sidebar Product Updates A new user property on API schema for updating the password … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.70

Releasedate: September 2023 Features Recommended courses based on Skills. Learning paths. Relative and specific date on rules in Custom Reports. Product Updates Administrators can now overrule the training session registration deadline. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with learners that could … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.67

Releasedate: April 2023 Features: New feature: Automations. New UI (beta): Administrators are now able to view courses in a revamped way. New Zoom Integration via OAuth2. Optimizations for large system reports. Added a recommended courses section in course catalog that … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.64

Releasedate: July 2022 Features: More complex language literals can now be overridden. Improved support for SCORM 2004 files. Added unit status and session status columns in “Go to Training Sessions” users’ tab. Added the lesson name on Question events on … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.63

Releasedate: February 2022 Features: Introduced Stripe Checkout and the ability to calculate Taxes by using Stripe’s API. New fields added for Courses import via CSV file. Enabled the use of Discount Coupons in Stripe Checkout. Expand Course API POST call … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.62

Releasedate: December 2021 Features: Introduced CSV Export. In the curriculum endpoint in REST API, data for all courses assigned to the curriculum are also returned. Categories from upper branches are now included in the course catalog filters. Now all certificates … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.61

Releasedate: July 2021 Features: Added support for SCIM 2.0 for Azure AD and Okta Added separate curriculum point award Added support for Braintree payments Added support for Microsoft Teams conferences Added session start date column in waitlist tab for training sessions Added release info functionality for … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.60

Releasedate: June 2021 Features: Added Course Announcements Introduced Gradebook Added support for Multilingual content Added support for Multilingual course categories Improvements: Added navigation breadcrumb for Courses in Assignments, files and Lessons A default completion rule is now added when creating a Curriculum Removed the caching prefix option. … Read More

AXS2LMS 5.50