AXS2LMS 5.75

Releasedate: May 2024

Product Updates

  • New “Add to Profile” feature for users when the “Allow users to share their certificate on LinkedIn” system setting is enabled
  • Added support for search using branch names within the users’ table in the new UI
  • Added support for search using branch name and email within each course’s users’ table in the new UI
  • Added a new training event option to automatically enroll users in the only available training session even if the session has already been completed
  • Added 12-hour formatting to calendars in Calender and Location availability pages based on language’s localization
  • The API POST method to the /Branch endpoint will now process optional extended field values from the request body
  • Added a new PUT endpoint ‘/LearningPath/{id}/AddUser’
  • Creating a branch via API also triggers the Branch Created event

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when trying to remove a course from a curriculum while it is also assigned to a learning path
  • New UI: Fixed an issue with sorting in tables
  • Fixed an issue where HTML-encoded characters were incorrectly displayed in the learning paths’ category and course names
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Show inactive users’ button wasn’t displayed if the admin had only ‘View’ access to the users
  • Fixed an issue with empty spaces questions that did not accept ‘0’ as a valid answer
  • Fixed an issue where a learner could not see their assignment grade if they didn’t submit it on time
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled custom reports being sent with the wrong branch’s SMTP configuration
  • Fixed an issue with report notifications not containing the branch’s URL in the body’s download link